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How It Works

The main purpose of this tool is to automate the graduate tracking mechanisim in order to ease the management of information related to Graduate Training.

This tool is useful to both the Graduate Student in monitoring the progress of their Research as well as the Supervisors & Registars in processing and monitoring Research for Students.

For New Members

  • Visit the Members Area -> Create New Account
  • Fill in all the required information Fields, Select the type of user you're i.e. "Student" or "Supervisor". For the former, fill in your Student Number and Registration Number and Click "Create New Account".
  • An administrator will cross check the accuracy of your information before approving. (This may take about 24 hours). Once you've been approved, you will receive an email informing you on how to proceed.
  • In the email you will receive, there'll be a "One Time Log in Link" that you will use to Set a Password).

Returning Students

  • Visit Member's Area to Log In (with your Email Address & Password you created in the previous step)
  • Once you've logged in ensure to completely populate the rest of your profile information. Click the "Edit" button next to the "View" button to go about this task. After you have entered the remaining informaiton, click "Save" at the bottom of the form to save your changes. 
  • A Yellow indicator box on the right side shows you the progress of your Profile Completedness. This box disappears when you completely fill your profile i.e. as soon as it reaches "100% Complete".

Creating/Adding Research

  • After your topic has been approved, you will ready to begin tracking the Progression of your Research.
  • Click "Create a Research" link found on the right side of your profile page view to START your Research Tracking.
  • All fields are mandatory. However, as a Student, you're capable of filling up the first Two steps out of Five Steps. Your College's Registar will fill up the Last Three Steps.
  • An Orange percentage box on the Right will show you your Research's Progress.
  • When Supervisors have been assigned to your Research. They'll appear on the Right underneath your Research & Profile Progress boxes.
  • You will also recieve Email Alerts once your Research Progression has met/accomplished another step.

Returning Supervisors

  • Supervisor's accounts will be automatically created and your credentials will be sent to your Email with further instructions. To Log In however, Go to the Members Area to enter your User email address and password to proceed.
  • Once you're logged in, and you've been assigned as a supervisor to a Student. You will view them under "My Students" Tab.
  • You will also be able to view your Student's respective research progress

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