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1 - Account Creation

Like Supervisors, College Registrar accounts will be created automatically and activation links sent to your Emails' for approval. However, you may click My Account on the Top Menu to go to the Log in page to sign in or Click Create Account to register with the website.

2 - Complete your profile Information

Once you've successfully logged in, ensure to completely fill up your details. A yellow box, titled "Your Basic Profile is Incomplete" on the right will indicate what percentage you have reached while filling in your profile. It will disappear once you have reached 100% i.e. filled in all fieds of your profile.

3 - Students Research Progression

Using this system, a College Registar has the privilleges to update the fields of the Research Progression of individual students' from his or her College.

How it works

  • A college registar's role will start when the Student has Created, Completely filled and saved his/her Research on Grad Track.
  • The College Registrar will then fill in the required fields when information is available.
  • The student will receive notification of any changes made to his/her research progression.

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