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1 - Log in or Create New Account on Grad Track first..

Click My Account on the Top menu to go the Log in page or Click sign up. You'll need to add your Registration and Student Number. This will help in the verification process of your account. Without these, your account may not be varified.

2 - Complete your profile Information

Once you've successfully logged in, ensure to completely fill up your details. A yellow box, titled "Your Basic Profile is Incomplete" on the right will indicate what percentage you have reached while filling in your profile. It will disappear once you have reached 100% i.e. filled in all fieds of your profile.

3 - Start your Research Tracking

After completely filling up your Profile. The next thing to do is to begin tracking your research. Click "Create Research" under My Menu on the right to start the process.

How it works!

  • You will open up a 4 step form and fill in only a few fields out of the rest. This is due to the limited Student's Priviledges. Agree to the final Terms and Conditions and Save to start your Research Tracking.
  • An Orange box will appear on the right side of your profile page indicating the progression of your research.
  • Your College's Registar will be in charge of populating the remaining fields of the Research Tracking you've started.
  • You will be notified of any change that has been made to your Research Tracking and changes made will be refelected in the orange research progression box on the right of your profile.
  • Once a supervisor has been assigned to you, their names will appear in a block list on the right side on your profile.

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